Music Ministry

Our Musical Director, Mark Anderson, started at First Presbyterian Church in 1993. In addition to being a music director, Mark is also employed as a performer/musician with the Disney company and freelances. With his background in music, he was able to adopt his skills to arrange and record tracks for the choir; allowing them to sing while he conducts.

Is music your passion? Do you want to serve God by lifting your voice in praise each week and leading others in the Church in worship? Each week presents exciting new challenges on which anthems should be sung.  The choir ranges week by week from 10-19 members. We welcome anyone who loves to sing to join us.

Sunday Choir
Bell Choir

Foreign Missions


Our church has been active in support of the Presbyterian church in Encrucijada, Cuba, for several years.  This church goes for long periods without a pastor, and yet, the faith of its people is sustaining.  One activity they have maintained is a food and laundry program, as food shortages happen frequently and most local citizens have no appliances to wash their clothes.  We sent a small delegation to visit that congregation in 2015 and they have visited us.  Throughout the years, various churches in the U.S. and in other countries have given financial support.  


Dan and Elizabeth Turk have been in Madagascar for many years as part of the Presbyterian World Mission.  Their purpose is to bring agricultural technology to the local people and to tell them the good news of the Gospel.   The Madagascar Mission Network (MMN) is a group of churches, mostly PC(USA), and individuals interested in mission in Madagascar.  In addition to direct support, the MMN helps in the training of clergy who will return to this island nation to further spread the good news.

Stephen Ministry

Stephen Ministry is a complete system of recruiting, training, and managing dedicated volunteers who provide distinctive Christian care to those who have gone through life changing losses and need skilled listeners who can help them sort out troubled thoughts and find answers.  Stephen Ministers are available and we will be glad to discuss this wonderful ministry.

Wednesday Morning Work Group

The Building and Grounds committee, more informally known as the Wednesday Morning Work Group, is charged with maintaining the physical church building. We are church volunteers, men and women, meeting Wednesday mornings from 9:00 am – 11:00 am. We perform weekly upkeep; replacing and correcting almost any problems that are discovered including maintaining supplies, repairing any broken item, re-painting anything, installing new toilets, changing and modernizing electrical plugs, restoring hymnal bindings, minor refinishing of sanctuary wood work, maintaining the library and much more. Our church is an old building with new adventures constantly making their appearances.

We also oversee and authorize all projects performed by outside vendors. Some outside projects are a major expense and it is our job to find the best contractor at the best price. A few large projects have been two new large air conditioners for the sanctuary, multiple major repairs to the bell tower over several years, and two new roofs over the office and the large roof over all the Sunday School building. We also oversee a lotĀ of church equipment and tools in our tool room and outside tool shed.

Above all else, the fellowship and time working together form a bonds of church family that cannot be matched.